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Year 4 Visit The National Gallery

Year 4 Visit The National Gallery

In Art this term we have been learning about portraiture. We have studied Vincent Van Gogh in particular, and looked at several of his paintings, we even had a go at drawing ourselves using a mirror. We thought it would be a good idea to follow up our learning by visiting the National Gallery.

We arrived this morning in plenty of time and were shown around the Gallery by our fantastic tour guide Holly. She took us to look some of the Rembrandt paintings and we learnt lots about him and his life, how lost all of his fortune by the time he died, though he is now famed as one of the world’s greatest artists.

We looked at several more paintings, The French Ambassadors Hans Holbein, which has an optical illusion of a skull across the floor, which can only be viewed clearly if standing to the left of the painting and looking directly at it.

We finished our tour by visiting the Van Gogh section, sadly there were no self-portraits but we did get to see ‘Van Gogh’s Chair, ‘ We looked at the complementary colour scheme that he used, which made the picture stand out and look bold.

A fantastic day was had by all!



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