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Y1 and Hubble Zoom.

Y1 and Hubble Zoom.

This afternoon we had a zoom with the children from the Hub Bubble who are currently working in our Year 1 classroom. We got to speak to the children and staff from the Hub and asked how they all were/what they had been up to during the day.

We each had a conversation with our classmate Millie who is currently in the hub. It was lovely to speak to Millie and see her on zoom, we had fun catching up and showing her our work from this morning.









Millie told us about the work that she had been doing this morning in her Bubble; Maths and Art.

Then we showed Millie our self-portraits from our miniature book project.

Millie told us she is taking care of our classroom and we told the Year 3 pupils in the hub that we are also looking after theirs. Millie brought Kimmy to the zoom to say hello to us too!

Thank you to the Hubble, Mr Puszyk and Mrs Mortlock for chatting with us!

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