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Week 1 in Y1’s Bubble

Week 1 in Y1’s Bubble

Last week we were very busy!
We had our first full week back in school in our new Year 1 Bubble. We worked super hard and have been respectful to each other using our emotions cards and discussing our emotions following lockdown, how we are feeling now and how we would like to feel going forward.



We practiced using our play-doh Phonics, worked hard in Maths and English and even had some fun doing Science and Art this week.


As part of our Science work, we were investigating sea pollution and created our own ‘Save the Seas’ posters. Afterwards, we went on an expedition through Forest School to search for any pollution and liter that may have made its way into forest school; we found quite a lot! We collected the liter using our pincers and disposed of the rubbish into the correct bins to prevent pollution for our Forest School friends.

Whilst we were in Forest School, we also saw lots of snails and a spider followed us back into our bubble! We caught the spider and had a look at the patterns on its back before releasing it back into a safe space in Forest School.

We also had a snail hunt during the week after it rained. We found some small and large snails!

































We took part in a nation wide assembly hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge and Waterloo Primary Academy in Blackpool. We listened to the Duchess talk about kindness and later we discussed what we thought it meant to be kind. We made some kindness posters too!


On Friday 19th June,  Reception and Miss Dingley hosted a quiz for us on Zoom. We had so much fun completing the rounds! Thank you Miss Dingley and Reception!



On Friday we also took part in our very first virtual Rainbow assembly, it was very fun and nice to see some of our friends from other bubbles across the school. Congratulations and well done to Chloe, Carolina and Daanya on your awards this week!

Well done to everyone in Year 1, both at home and in school. You are all working extremely hard and we are so very proud of you all! Keep doing your best and working hard, but most importantly, stay safe and have fun! 

We hope you have had a lovely week too!

Miss Kavanagh, Miss Hamilton and Mrs Howard




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