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Sneaky Elf sighting!

Sneaky Elf sighting!

Our plan worked! We managed to catch some more footage of the sneaky Elf who has invaded our classroom last night.

He was hiding inside our Christmas Post Box before he snuck out onto the carpet…

First he strolled across the floor and played some more tricks on us!

Then he found our Bee Bots and decided to go for a drive around our classroom!

Just as he was driving, he must have spotted our Elf Cam because he jumped off the Bee Bot, covered his face and crawled away again!

He is SO sneaky!

In our Science lesson this afternoon, we were looking at different materials and decided that our plastic math’s cubes would make the perfect Elf trap! We have set our traps up on our tables and hopefully tomorrow, we will finally catch our sneaky visitor…


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