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Information for Reception parents

Information for Reception parents

Please see the link below for the Early Learning Goals (the expectation for the end of Reception) for each area of the curriculum.

ELG poster


In the Reception class we divide our time between focus activities, where a child will work in small groups or 1:1 with an adult.  As well as child initiated activities where the children choose their activity and an adult will support the learning taking place.

Please see below a list of activities that the children can do independently or with an adult:

Literacy based activities:

  • Write an Easter card
  • Create a poster to remind people to wash their hands/stay at home/thank the NHS staff
  • Write a sentence about a picture/an object in the house – remember finger spaces, capital letters, full stops
  • Write/draw a story or comic strip
  • Tell a story for someone else to write down or record on a phone/tablet.
  • Match rhyming words
  • Revise set 1 or set 2 sounds (see previous blog for information regarding the Read, Write Inc. Phonics scheme)
  • Phonics activities – eye spy, match the object/picture to the initial letter sound
  • Letter formation – we use the Penpals handwriting scheme
  • Read lots of stories – children can have ago at reading a story but it is just as important for them to hear someone else read as well


Maths based activities:

  • Counting objects
  • Matching objects to numbers
  • Adding objects (lego bricks, bottle lids, using egg boxes for addition and counting)
  • Subtracting numbers
  • Identifying a number one less/one more than any number to 20
  • counting in 2s, 5s, 10s
  • Doubling and halving numbers
  • making patterns
  • Comparing objects of different lengths/height
  • Using bricks to measure objects of different lengths/heights
  • Use a piece of string to find objects that are taller/shorter or longer/shorter than the piece of string
  • Using scales to find the heaviest/lightest object
  • draw pictures using 2D shapes
  • make models using 3D shapes (use cereal boxes/tubes)


Activities that support other areas of the curriculum:

  • Construction – lego, building blocks
  • Cars – make a map
  • junk modelling with old boxes
  • Art – observational drawings, self portraits, painting, collage, cutting and sticking
  • Designing a new car/rocket/robot/playground/school/home/holiday destination
  • Physical – throwing and catching, football, riding bikes/scooters, threading,
  • Physical – healthy eating -create a healthy menu
  • RE – Read, sequence the Easter story, write about the Easter story
  • My Heart Map – draw a big heart on a piece of A4 paper (children can use the green books they were given)     – write/draw inside the heart all the people/places/things that are close to their heart.
  • Cooking – involve the children in cutting up vegetables, make cakes, chocolate nests, jelly.
  • Puzzles
  • Playdough – recipes for making your own playdough can be found online


Please see previous blogs for useful websites.

If you require any further assistance/ideas during this difficult time or would like to send a photo of the work your child has completed please do not hesitate to contact Miss Dingley – eyfs@stjosephs.greenwich.sch.uk

Please keep safe during this difficult time and we hope we will see you all very soon.

Take care,

Miss Dingley

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