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Home Learning Tasks Week 2

Home Learning Tasks Week 2

Dear Year 6,

Thank you for continuing to work so hard during this difficult and unusual time in your learning journey. I have put together some additional activities for you to complete if you have finished the work you have already been given.

Maths tasks:

  • For Maths please follow the link below for the next unit of work in the White Rose Hub Scheme. This also comes with useful video tutorials to help with your learning:



Literacy tasks:

  • Write a poem about something you love.
  • Write a story about a magical place.
  • Write a newspaper report about a famous person visiting St Joseph’s.


SPaG task:

  • Create your own crossword or word search based on the Year 5/6 Spelling list.See below for words, please follow the link if the picture quality isn’t great (page 23 of document).



PSHE tasks:

  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Write about your choice, justifying your decision with reasons and examples.
  • Design a costume for your new superhero. Make sure they have a responsible logo and lable your design.

Feel free to send these to me so I can see the great work you’re doing. I also have work that I can email to you for other curriculum areas if you would like, just send me an email and I’ll pass them on to you.

I am in school this week so may not be able to respond during school hours but I will check my emails before and after school and respond as quickly as I can!

Keep safe and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Miss Holmes 🙂


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