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Brilliant answers to the Start Thinking Challenge!

Brilliant answers to the Start Thinking Challenge!

Please read Taisa in Year 6’s response to the Start Thinking Question “If you could grant the WORLD 5 wishes, what would they be and why?”.


Well done Taisa for your showing how kind, caring and selfless you are! 

1.To have peace all around the world , this is because lots of people are fighting right know and i hate seeing people fighting.

2. I wish that the people all around the world could learn how to pick up their own trash that they have been throwing away.

3. my third wish is that all the people living in this world would not be poor , this is because every where you go you can see people living on the floor; they don’t have a house so that is why they live on the floor.

4.One of my lost wishes is that the animals that are getting extinct are not going to die, this is because there are lots of animals getting extinct because of the lost big fire in Australia.

5.My last wish is that the global worming is not going to get worse this is how the big fire in Australia came.

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