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Additional Learning Activities Year 6

Additional Learning Activities Year 6

Dear Year 6,

I have put together a list of different learning activities for you to complete outside of the packs you have been given. If you would like to send me copies of these to read, please send to the Year 6 email account year6@stjosephs.greenwich.sch.uk.

Writing activities:

  • Write a diary entry
  • Design a poster asking people to stay indoors
  • Write a newspaper report
  • Design an advert to visit your hometown
  • Write your own ancient myth
  • Write a book review
  • Write a film review
  • Design your own book cover
  • Write a story

Maths activities:

  • Draw and cut out nets for different 3D shapes
  • Design a revision poster
  • Write your own word problems
  • Create a picture using only 2D shapes

Science activities:

  • Create a classification key for animals
  • Draw a diagram of a circuit
  • Draw a diagram of the circulatory system
  • Create a fact-file on a famous scientist
  • Create a fact-file on a rare animal
  • Draw a fossil
  • Research the fossilisation process
  • Design a poster on how to keep your heart healthy

History activities:

  • Create a Myan calendar
  • Design a propaganda poster that may have been used during WWII

Art activities:

  • Draw a picture of what you can see from your bedroom window
  • Draw a self portrait
  • Draw a picture of the London landscape

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